xavier video pinkbike

Motion clarifies some points according its dynamic linkage fork technology

April 2017

Following video done by Steve from Vorsprung suspension and relayed by Pinkbike, Motion clarifies some points according to their dynamic MTB fork technology.

xavier video pinkbike

Motion on RMC with Eric Brunet

March 2017

Matthieu Alfano, founder and CEO of Motion was interviewed on the show “3 minutes de gloire” by Eric Brunet from RMC French radio.

lg-b-motion gagne le 1er marathon pitch les echos entrepreneurs

Motion wins the first Marathon Pitch contest by Les Echos Entrepreneurs

March 2017

Early January 2017, Motion participated to the 1st Marathon Pitch organized by Les Echos Entrepreneurs, a national media about business and economy. 120 start-ups have pitched to win a media campaign in Les Echos.

lg-b-motion se fait décerner l'étoile de l'observeur du design 2017

Motion awarded for the design of its fork

December 2016

Motion and Axena Design awarded by the APCI (Agency for the promotion of industrial creation) for the design of the fork.

lg-b-fin de la campagne kickstarter le projet motion se poursuit

End of the Kickstarter campaign: The Motion project continues

December 2016

The pre-sales campaign of the Motion forks on Kickstarter ended 3 weeks ago with close to 60,000 Euros of commitments. Most Kickstarter projects are fully funded for lower amounts but we voluntarily set a much higher threshold.

lg-b-motion france mise sur l'avenir avec louison gury

Press is talking about us!

October 2016

Trail Serie presentation at Roc d’Azur 2016 allowed us to confirm the hopes placed in us last year…

lg-b-roc d'azur 2016 la fourche trail series dévoilée

Roc d’Azur 2016: the fork Trail Series revealed

October 2016

The opportunity for us to show to everyone the Trail Series that will be manufactured in 2017 in France with our industrial partners help…

lg-b-roc d'azur 2016 les premiers essais grand public

Roc d’Azur 2016: the first public tests

October 2016

After a 2016 year spent manufacturing the 50 prototypes in the Motion workshop, the Roc d’Azur was the opportunity for us to give access to our technology to everyone…


The Motion France video for the Kickstarter campaign

October 2016

24 hours before the official Motion France Kickstarter campaign which starts October the 6th at 5pm.


Precursors Day in Fontainebleau

September 2016

Prototype forks delivery and tests in the middle of the Fontainebleau rocks under the sun


Thanks to all our visitors on Roc d’Azur 2015!

October 2015

More than 1500 visitors during the 4 days on our stand! Thanks to everyone and hope this was as interesting for you than for us!