MOTION FRANCE is a young French startup innovating on quality, performances and sustainability. Our core values are respect (for human beings and nature), sport, sharing and excel oneself.

MOTION FRANCE is involved in promoting the made in France. We also pick the right partners that share our core values. According to us, the made in France should be a vector to improve work conditions, develop mobility while reducing the impacts on the environment. It’s also a way to promote our solid know how and contribute to build a strong and prosperous future.

MOTION FRANCE has developed an innovative technology ensuring better performances and new driving sensations.



Matthieu has been above all a MTB passionated for more than 20 years. Till 18 years old, he rided in XC with some local and national results in France. Then, Matthieu pushes aside the MTB to keep concentrated on his engineer studies. During around 10 years, Matthieu works in various important French international companies in the Energy.  

All these years allowed him to measure what he was looking for and he decided to stop all his professional activities for his first passion the MTB creating MOTION France.


Why did you create Motion ?
Very easy answer: to do what I love! Invent and create while reconciling my passion for MTB. But beyond the engineering, the aim is also to build a company with strong values, in conflict with the usual pyramidal hierarchy model. I think it is possible to give more flexibility to every one: this is consistent with performance and happyness !

How does the fork idea came to you ?
The mechanic and the physic phenomena always interested me. And on a MTB, there are lots of to do! Thus, I questionned myself on the bikes components functioning and asked if there are better solutions. The suspension systems have caused much ink to flow because every one knows that a telescopic fork is not perfect! After studying all the existing systems, I put in physic equation of the theorical behaviour of suspended fork, the Motion technology was born. Mathematically, the Motion technology is the unique mechanical solution which answers to all needs for a perfect fork.

What do you want to bring to MTB world ?
Usually, we associate innovation to marketing. But there is a huge diffence! The MTB technology still has lots of possibilities for evolution in term of performance and pleasure. The single middle chainring or the telescopic seatpost are good examples. I promise that the incoming years will bring disruptive innovations in the suspensions, front and rear, but not only… And note that it will alway be to the service of riding pleasure !

How do you see Motion in a few years ?
MOTION must build its innovative and responsable brand image. Not as a traditionnal brand competitor, but as an innovation catalyst in our sport development and mind. One only goal, pleasure during riding and sharing it !

What does the fork brings to you in your practice ?
Pleasure and serenity !
Pleasure thanks to the comfort and performances brought. Brake harder, turn faster, with a comfort and smoothness sensation 😉
The serenity by the anti-dive safety and the unmatched handling thanks to our technology, and of course also, serenity by the peace of mind brought by the unfailing reliability and without maintenance !


Contrary to the 2 other partners, Xavier does not come from the MTB world but is passionated by sport and in particular tennis. For all that, during one year, Xavier has started practicing regularly with his 2 experimented comrades which enables him an accelerated learning.

After 10 years working for various important international French companies such as Air Liquide, Xavier decided to join the Motion adventure and he is explaining why here under.


Why did you join the Motion advendure ?
I met Matthieu in our Engineering school and from that day we are friends. Matthieu showed me the project potential and convinced me that this project has a sens. Furthermore, the possibility to work in the sport world in a young innovative and dynamic company is an opportunity you can’t refuse.

Till today, what does this advendure bring to you ?
Lots of technical knowledges in mechanic and MTB. I learnt also to adapt myself to a start-up way of working which has nothing to do with the large industry company I was used to.

What do you want to bring to MTB world ?
Pleasure and performance. Sport is above all a way of exert yourself so why not doing it in better conditions to get complete satisfaction.

How do you see Motion in a few years ?
I see Motion as a key player for MTB suspensions. I also want that thinking about Motion, people sees a company in eternal movement ready to catch the ball on the bounce notably in term of innovation.

What does this fork bring to your practice?
A non comparable safety in the raids and a very precise handling which allows me often to catch up my young pilote errors.


Thierry’s life has been always clocked by sport and entrepreneurship. He has been practicing sport every day since teenager and he has been riding MTB for 30 years. Spirit of enterprise is part of him: at the end of his legal and financial studies, he was launching his first activity.

Since then, he was always partner in the companies he works with and his professional experiences were finally oriented slowly toward marketing and web communication which are the activities he is having a blast.


Why did you join the Motion adventure ?
Part of the answer is in the question. Motion is above all an adventure initiated by a person passionate in an activity I love. When I met Matthieu, at once I saw the potential of the project. The things I wanted to check are if he has the capacities to lead the project, if we have the same vision and the same common values. In addition to this, it was important for me to be sure that my experience can help Motion. Lots of discussions and one international event after, all my doubts were raised.

Till today, what does this adventure bring to you ?
To start, a nice human adventure. It is a pleasure to work with Matthieu and Xavier day by day. They are reactive and positive. Furthermore, we are in an activity of hobby and passion. Even if they are not riders, the persons that we met are enthusiast with the Motion adventure. Moreover, like all adventures, the Motion’s one is clocked by challenges, satisfactions and unexpected events… That helps to surpass ourselves and learn a lot from our new experiences.

What do you want to bring to MTB world ?
More pleasure. Practicing as a hobby or as a competitor, at the end, all technological inovations in this activity shall help to achieve this goal. This is exactly what Motion fork is doing. The performance, the safety, the comfort are only the consequences of our technology. The user will choose our fork because the result of it is pleasure.

How do you see Motion in a few years ?
Motion has 2 international patents and starts to have a nice brand image. We have to use it with intelligence and in the same time continue to develop our capacities for innovation. The rest will come naturally but I imagine Motion becoming an international innovative brand.

What does the fork bring to your practice ?
The fork is surprising me every time with its sensitivity, its capacity to keep the tire in contact with the ground, the anti-dive: it is just giving me more pleasure.