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Each Rider gets its own suspension

In addition to the Motion technology advantages that you will find on all suspensions, we will optimize some specificities depending on the practice:

  • Lightness for XC,
  • Versatility for All Mountain,
  • Handling precision for Enduro,
  • Robustness for DH.

The calendar for suspensions is as following:

  • Enduro: Winter 2017-2018,
  • All Mountain: Summer 2018,
  • XC: Winer 2018,
  • DH: Spring 2019.

Thus, all practices will have their technological jewelry in their hands in 2019.

The Enduro fork

Motion is going to sell the Enduro suspension for a 160mm travel on 27,5" wheels. Later on, the fork will be also available in other travels and in 29''. The detailed technical characteristics will be soon disclosed as well as the first pictures.

They will be available for order at the end of the year 2017.

Moreover, you can choose the color of your fork: Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Purple,Yellow or White.

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