PRECURSORS MOTION France: our partners are developping !

The 30 riders who join the program have followed day by day the design, manufacturing and assembly of their fork. 2 special events were organized to deliver the forks. Some riders also came during the Roc d'Azur 2016. 

Our precursors are real partners beta testors important for MOTION France. Becoming precursors, they have to help us developing the product by telling us the positive and negative points they feel riding the fork. 

With the prototypes 2016 that we were offering in 27,5" and 29" with a travel from 100 to 160mm, Motion France brought precursors with different profils and practices. From XC to Enduro passing through All Mountain: competitors and passionated enthusiasts.

Oscar Dalmau - enduro under the skin

Oscar joins us quickly in the adventure. Close to the Caminade team, under the Brice Epailly advises, he decided to be part of the program.

Oscar has been practicing MTB for years in the Pyrénées Orientales (France) precisely in Ceret between sea and mountain also with his family.

Few words with Oscar

For how many years have you been practicing MTB and what is your practice ?
I started MTB in the 90's and practiced for a long time in Singlespeed. My main practice is MTB in up and down path very technical: a mix between all mountain and Enduro.
But, I take also the time to ride in tandem with my wife.

How did you get to know Motion France ? 
Thanks to Sylvain and Brice from Caminade following the prototype 2015 video. Then, I had the chance to meet Motion France team in Roc 2015.

Why did you join the Precursor program ? 
It is so interesting to be able to participate to a development program for such product and moreover to ride with it!

What do you remember from the exchanges you had with Motion team ?
It is a super team always listening to my needs and very reactive if there is any problem. We really feel like discussing with passionate persons.

What was your first sensations with the fork ?
The damping on the tiny shocks is super. Incredible stiffness, we put the wheel where we want. The fork is absorbing everything and above all it does not dive.

What does the fork bring to your MTB practice ?
It helps to pass quickly through the destroyed places, to brake later, to go further in the curves, but also a better handling...  I go quicker having the impression that I am safer.

Fabien Baroni - The competitor

Fabien is 47 years old and is practicing MTB with all his family. Maintenance technician in a large locksmithery company, he loves to ride the Grand Est (France) as soon as he can. Particularly attached to the nature, its respect is one of the pilars which is guiding him.

From November to January, Fabien puts aside MTB to ride in cyclocross.

Few words with Fabien

For how long do you practice MTB and what is your practice ?
I have been riding for 25 years and I ride more and more. I have run at local and national XC championship UFOLEP for years and in FSGT championship for 3 years. Moreover, I do some rando, club riding and raids but also some XC marathon (ROC, GRG 160km...).

How did you get to know Motion France ?
I was walking in the paths on Roc 2015, I directly saw that this new product was standing out. 

Why did you join the Precursor Program ?
Today, I am searching for wining comfort and safety. This is the reason why I asked to join the program.

What did you learn exchanging with Motion team ?
Very nice and available.

What was your first sensations rinding the fork ?
What I was looking for: a feeling of safety and comfort.

What does the fork bring to your MTB practice?
These days, the Motion fork enables me to realise better performances during my last races. For example, I won 10 minutes during the Roc Marathon which helps me having a better ranking. I have now more comfort, safety, and thanks to anti-dive I never put the foot on the ground anymore !

Pascal Fraisse - The warrior

Pascal is like us passionate by MTB for a long time: as soon as he has the possibility, he is riding his bike for thousands of kilometers per year.  

Pascal is 45 years old and engineer in a large international company working in South West of France.

Few words with Pascal

For how long do you practice MTB and what is your practice ?
I started to be passionate by MTB when I was 15 years old: my first bike was a MX21 motobecane. Personnaly, MTB has always been an evasion in the nature with a peculiar taste for savage trips inj the middle of nowhere. I always liked long crossings so called Crossland.

How did you get to know Motion France ?
I was not present during 2015 Roc d'Azur but I read Vélovert who has written a very nice article.

Why did you join the Precursor Program ?
We can say that I have the ability to anticipate the way a machine will run only looking at it: right away, I saw that the fork was close to be the perfect product. Moreover after 30 years of MTB, I start having some injuries especially during the crossings for more than 100 kilometers per day: comfort is now a priority. I was looking for the miracle!

What did you learn exchanging with Motion team ?
Sympathetic people who takes into consideration our remarks. By the way guys, if you are searching for some help, here is my CV!

What was your first sensations rinding the fork ?
Paradise! The impression to be the DH world champion. We have the feeling to have an infinite travel and the tiny shocks are all absorbed. We understand why those composite blades are used for athletes with a disability. Like the English says: Bodyfriendly!!

What does the fork bring to your MTB practice?
It is only the possibility for me to continue riding my all mountain bike not changing for a road bike: only this is crazy. Moreover, I can mount my luggage rest at the front which is a great thing to me. All fork defaults are canceled, only pleasure for riding is kept without any maintenance. 

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