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Motion France: the ultimate MTB fork

MOTION France has designed a new generation of front fork suspension for MTB to solve the problems associated with telescopic forks: mainly brake dive, lack of sensitivity, stiffness and reliability.

Motion France Dynamic fork is simple to assemble on all MTB bikes using conical tapered steering frame including electric bikes and tandems.

Motion develops in a first step an Enduro fork for a 150-160-170mm travel and a MTB equiped with 27,5" wheels. It will be available for sale end of April 2018.

All practices (XC, All Mountain, DH) will have their own model later on.


Hutchinson trusts us for 2018!

January 2018

We will ride in Hutchinson for our great pleasure.

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Rotor with Motion in 2018

December 2017

Rotor pleases us renewing trust in 2018.

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The technology in few words

The MOTION France fork has been specifically designed to remain uncompressed when braking, meaning that 100% of travel is retained for shock absorption under all circumstances. Comfort, traction and safety are all improved for the rider.

Having come up with the concept, MOTION decided to go even further and make its first suspension fork a truly unique object. Patented composite blades, chosen to correspond to the weight of the rider, provide exceptional sensitivity while also dealing with the biggest shocks. Our damper uses a true-shaft technology, integrated cooling system and frictionless design.

Incredibly precise handling is possible thanks to the biaxial design.

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A development as close as possible to the users

MOTION also shares these values with mountain bikers, by including them in all stages of product development. 50 volunteer riders have tried out the MOTION technology.

The aim is to fully understand the riders’ expectations, which will result in a product that offers maximum enjoyment.

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The Motion Team

The start-up MOTION Engineering, which owns the MOTION France brand, was launched by Matthieu in 2015. Xavier and Thierry decided to take part in the adventure end of 2015.

The three associates share MOTION’s founding values: well-being, respect, reciprocity and going beyond your limits.

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Our partners

Thanks to the enthusiasme generated by the dynamic fork project, Motion is surrounded by new partners. It is partly thanks to them that we are growing so fast.

They can be MTB manufacturers or industrial, financial companies or designers... our partners are following us day by day to help Motion giving access to our technology to everyone.

Motion France fork in action

Onboard camera on a MTB bike equiped with one of the Motion Prototype. The fork sensitivity enables the wheel to stay in contact with the ground and also to limit the vibrations at the handlebars as it is confirmed by the imge sharpness. 

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